Barbara Gallagher

Food fanatic and Tour Guide

My name is Barbara and I am a food fanatic.

I have had a passion for food, clinic its flavour, asthma its smell and its taste since I was a child.My professional life has been as a nurse, health visitor and health service manager.I am married with three grown up children all of whom cook and cook well and all of whom love to eat.

I give cookery classes where I focus on the quality of the ingredients and the effect that this has on the taste of the finished dish.My husband says that I read cookery books like others read a novel and with well over 200 cookery books in my study there is a lot to read.When I travel abroad the first place I visit is the local market, my larder is crammed with exciting finds. At the moment I lean towards French and Spanish regional foods but can easily be persuaded to try other cuisines.

I feel very strongly about how our food is produced and am keen to promote local seasonal foods. However there are always occasions when I am happy to be flexible. Where I am not flexible is on the quality of the food and its provenance.I visit Borough Market in South London several times a month. The food is excellent and the stall holders are very knowledgeable.

Food is a joy—it makes us what we are.

I look forward to meeting you all through my blog

Bon Appetit

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