Clare Shaw

PhD  RD (Registered Dietitian)

I started showing an interest in cooking when I was 5 years old.  Fortunately my cooking skills have improved over the years as I practised on family and friends!  Whilst still at school I was successful in both local and national cookery competitions, ed worked in a delicatessen and hospital kitchen.  It was during my school years that the fascination with science and the love of food came together culminating in a career pathway that led to a degree in Nutrition and a professional qualification as a Registered Dietitian.   It resulted in a perfect combination of a fascinating subject coupled with a full time job talking about food!  Always keen to learn more I have completed a PhD whilst continuing to work with patients to help them achieve the best balance from their diet.

The effect that food can have on well being is fundamental to the way we live and function. Science and research helps us learn about the nutrients we require and how they influence our health.  I think we should not lose sight of the fact that whilst we need nutrients, we eat food.  I hope that my blogs will combine the science of nutrition with the pleasure of eating great food.

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