Copas Turkeys

Village records show, that although the Copas family has been living & working in Cookham since 1698, it wasn’t until 1901 when they began farming that they got a real taste for living off the land.

Tom’s personal passion for turkeys began back in 1957 thanks to his father who decided that, having left school, his son needed a new project to keep him on his toes. The signals that first Christmas were heartening with Tom managing to sell 153 birds to local markets & families, some of whom are still customers today.

Nowadays with the Copas family responsible for some 40,000 or so first-class turkeys, sold via some of Britain’s best butchers, farm shops, deli’s & food halls, the business has grown into a true family concern. Tom’s wife Brenda acts not only as the face at the farm gate, but also as the creative inspiration within the kitchen, whilst children Tanya, Fenella, Sarah & Tom (junior) are in charge of the day-to-day management of the blossoming brand.

Marrying the very best of centuries-old production values with state-of-the-art facilities (& exceeding all applicable farm assurance schemes & welfare standards currently operating in the UK), Copas Traditional Turkeys remains a passionate, hard-working family business where everyone mucks in.

Families come in many shapes & sizes, therefore in addition to our Whole Turkeys, we also offer an enviable selection of the finest quality Turkey Crowns & Turkey Breast Roasts for smaller households. See our website and online shop for more information.

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