foodie finds

This section offers you the opportunity to share your favourite foodie finds,whatever and wherever they may be.  It could be an interesting food, ingredient or recipe; book, gadget or appliance, shop or restaurant.

Each month the fellow foodies team will feature our favourite foodie find as well as including your favourites too. We might choose yours for our feature! Each month we’ll also feature a recipe or two specially created for fellow foodies.

How to share your foodie find:

Simply click the ‘share your find’ link on the left of this page. If you find something whilst you’re out and about, why not use your phone or tablet and send an email to and tell us all about it.  Don’t worry about layout or style, just send in the information and we’ll do the rest!

If it’s a food or ingredient, gadget or appliance, tell us what it is, why you like it, where you bought it, how much it cost and how you used it. For a book, tell us who wrote it, how much it cost and what you liked about it. For a shop or restaurant, tell us the name, where it is and why you recommend it. If it has a website, include that too.

If you know of a food festival or foodie event you’d like to feature on the website, let us know about that too!

Why not share your favourite recipes by sending them in to us. If your recipe is not an original, please be sure to let us know where it originated or where you got it from.

If you can send a picture of your find, even better. Don’t forget to sign off with your name and location. If you’d rather not use your name, just initials will be fine.

NB. It’s best not to send pictures that have people in that you don’t know (unless you’ve asked them first) – that’s not nice for their privacy!

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