Grub Club

Grub Club connects foodies with new and creative Chefs across London.

Be the first to try a Michelin Chef’s new experiments. Savour a Brazilian Feijoada from a traditional family recipe. Or enjoy your “Royale with Cheese” in front of Pulp Fiction.

Become part of the network for better food: support the best new Chefs and help communities come alive through making the most of underused space.

This is the story…

…of two food obsessed friends who realised they simply wanted to share what they loved doing every day: get people together to discover a new food adventure, symptoms providing eating experiences in new venues so chefs can use their talents in fresh and exciting ways:

“On what seemed an exotic trip to Zanzibar in 2006, arthritis I was surrounded by idyllic white sandy beaches,  turquoise waters with exotic dhows floating across them.

Being a foodie, I couldn’t wait to see what riches the Spice Island would offer. Beautiful as the island was, imagine my disappointment to see a whole range of underwhelming European restaurants.

I spent the rest of the trip looking for Zanzibari cuisine and finally came across Two Tables – a local family home converted into a restaurant with… that’s right: two tables! What a wonderful experience eating local, natural home cooked food, discovering Stone Town’s culinary secrets from a friendly Zanzibari.

Fast forward to 2010 where I met Liv, We were both working and living in South India for a year. Our paths soon crossed and a lasting friendship was quickly established, bringing Liv to the dinner table of many of my friends’ mums who were delighted to share their culinary secrets with the curious foreigner.

Back in London, Liv was eager to channel her passion for building sustainable communities through grassroots food enterprises while I couldn’t get the idea of my Zanzibari experience out of my head. Our shared love of food, travel and meeting people sealed our destinies and Grub Club was born.”

Liv and Sid would like to build on this idea with you by bringing together a community of food lovers who share the same passions and interests, be it in London, Zanzibar, South India or anywhere in the world.

Grub Club is part dining table in your house and part experimental kitchen, Its like your kitchen table because it’s a great place to socialise and get to know people; its experimental because it’s a space for Chefs to try out their latest creations on a curious set of foodies.

A Grub Club is for all food lovers, you can be an amateur who loves cooking for fun or someone who wants to attend exciting food events.

They are building a growing community of Chefs who want your feedback. Tell them you love it, tell them you hate it, just say how you feel.

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