Search for ‘Newsletter template’ in Pages. Add you text here using the Visual tab then click on HTML tab. Copy all the text to your clipboard. Go to Posts / Mail Subscribers. Paste the HTML code into the page under the HTML tab. At the bottom of the page click the Preview button to Preview your Newsletter before sending it. This sends an email to your email address. If you’re happy with how it looks choose Registered Recipients from the Recipients drop down box and Click the Send button to send the Newsletter.

Create new product
Go to WP eStore at the bottom of the left hand nav bar then click Add New Product. Fill in data and follow the instructions. The minimum info needed is “Product Name” and “Product Price”. To display a thumbnail image of the product paste the url of the image into “Thumbnail Image URL” field. Save the product. Get  the product ID by clicking “Manage Products”. You will see the product lists and their IDs

Add Product to “shop” page
Go to Pages then open “shop” page.  Click  basket icon in tool bar which opens a popup window. Choose wp_eStore_fancy1 and click insert. You will see second popup which asks you about your product ID. Paste your product ID and update page.

Sidebar image – adding new
Go to Appearance -> Widgets then drag and drop “Image Widget” to “Primary Widget Area” or “Secondary Widget Area”
You can add Title to the top of box and Caption at the bottom of box. To add an image click  “Add Image” and choose the image you want to show in the box. To link the image url paste your url to “Link” text field. Click the Save button to save changes.

Pages / Post – styles:
Red Subhead style – select text and from “Styles”combo list choose “Red Subhead”

Widgets – showing / hiding :
e.g.  To show widget on single page type: is_page(345)

Video – adding and editing
Video settings:

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